Who we are

Incorporated in Nigeria in 2003, FELION NIGERIA LIMITED (FNL) started with the goal of providing excellent and reliable services in Engineering, Procurement & Supply Chain Management, and Customized Information & Communication (ICT) Services.

With over ten years in operation, the company has gained valuable knowledge and competence in building systems to meet and best expectations of its clients whilst delivering innovative and well-designed solutions to corporate needs.

FNL adopts a work approach to add value to our clients business. All enquiries and requests received and analyzed are sorted specific to our client’s operating needs and requirements. This practice guides us to plan and phase each service into achievable milestones, which can be implemented with best business practice, thereby adding the ultimate value to the overall goal of business relationships_ Profit.


Content Policy

content policy focuses on the continuous growth and usage of locally available human and material resources to enhance the Nigerian economic growth, the well being of its people.  Through a sustained program in transfer of technology and expertise to Nigerians, long term planning, formation of strategies, alliances- with both Local and International Partners, networking, training and a well articulated policy thrust, much of this growth is achieved so as to meet present and future goals for the company and the country.

Safety Policy

FELION NIGERIA LIMITED believes in business of SAFE WORK PRACTICE. By ensuring the knowledge and procedures that guide good, safe work environments, the company makes adequate effort for all Personnel; new staffs, consultants, visitors and suppliers (Contractors) to know and understand the basic rules and procedures of a safe work environment. As a major strategy in achieving this objective, copies of our Safety Policy and Manuals are distributed and displayed for all to read, and used as key parameter in the assessment of work and practice in order to ensure that all aspects of our operations involving SAFETY are not neglected.