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Increased competition requires shorter project lead times and a reduction in cost structures. Riskier business environments require better risk mitigation strategies. Proper Engineering Management has become essential to ensure that project outcomes address those factors that may impact a project's development. FNL uses Engineering Management to improve each client's position in the marketplace and to implement its total value proposition by ensuring partnerships with clients and the creation of project- specific teams and integration of all potential project factors. Engineering Management includes: Investigations and Reports Feasibility, Concept and Preliminary Design Studies Concept and Design Development, Basic Engineering Management and Integration of Detail Engineering activities Bid Documentation and Bidding Process

FNL is proficient in the Operation and Maintenance Support of Heavy Industrial Plan operations. With expertise and experience in engineering and design, preparation of construction drawings, engineering and design for shutdown projects, periodic structural inspections of existing plants and Structural inspections during plant shutdowns. Operation and Maintenance Services include:
• Centrifugal pump maintenance and services
• Rehabilitation and replacement of corroded steel structures
• Visual inspection of pipelines
• Improved access to operating and maintenance valves and equipment
• Prioritization and implementation of civil and structural maintenance
• Modifications to existing structures to improve means to remove equipment
• Extensions and modifications to process plant infrastructure
• Building modifications, extensions and upgrading

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